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Prabal Mallick Watercolors

IIT Kharagpur En Plein Air Project

It all started during my last trip to KGP in March 2017. It had been a long time since I had been to my Alma Mater. In fact it had been fifteen years since my graduation and fourteen years since I went there. I was there to catch up with couple of friends. We were chatting over coffee when I suddenly mentioned how beautiful IIT Kharagpur is. And the immediate response from a friend was "You must come back here and paint it". It was as if he was mouthing my own words. Around the same time I was also exploring this idea with the tourism department of capturing my en plein air process through small films for promoting tourism. And then law of attraction played its part. I came in contact with the then Gymkhana VP Atal and learnt about Technology Film Production Society (TFPS). I went to KGP again and met up with TFPS head Lokesh. He seemed to like the idea and we decided to make a film on it. But none of us really knew how to go about making a film about an alumnus who comes back to his alma mater to capture different locations in the campus with watercolor. A film like this probably has never been done. Hence though the idea sounded great, none of us really knew how to go about it. So we had a trial shoot the next day (this video is a result of that).And then after some brainstorming and exchange of ideas clarity started to set in and the film shooting is now planned to be done in July-August 2017.

Here is how you can support this project

Pledge an Art Print    Or    Become A Sponsor

Pledge a Print

You promise to purchase CANVAS PRINTS (Unframed Canvas Prints of approximately 2 ft x 3 ft size including borders for framing) of paintings that is going to be produced when we shoot the film.

Cost Per print Shipping and Handling Charges
Indian Location Foreign Location
INR 5,000.00 / USD 100.00 INR 500.00 / USD 10.00 INR 1,500.00 / USD 30.00

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Become a Sponsor

You or your organization can become a sponsor for this project and get a mention in the film. Here are the details of sponsorship categories.

Sponsor Type Screen Time Maximum Sponsors Pricing
Presenting Sponsor 2s + 2s with associate sponsors 1 nos INR 3,00,000.00
Associate Sponsor 2s along with presenting sponsor 2 nos INR 2,00,000.00
Co-Sponsor 2s along with all co-sponsors 5 nos INR 1,00,000.00
Partner 2s along with all partners 10 nos INR 50,000.00

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Looking Forward to hear from you.

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